How long should a no!no! treatment take?

At first, it may take 30-45 minutes to you treat your legs. After a few sessions, you will master the no!no! method of gliding.

What is that burning smell?

This is a sign that no!no! is working properly and that hair is
being treated. It is the exact same smell you get from a laser treatment.

As time passes– the smell will become less and less – and
that makes sense since less hair = less smell.

Until then – no!no! in a well ventilated area and try aromatic
candles, potpourri or room fresheners.

And remember, unlike shaving, waxing or laser, you can
no!no! anywhere, anytime – like watching TV or talking to
your friends. You aren't stuck in the shower, traffic or waiting
room lines.

Why do I still have stubble?

  • Check hair length

Hair should be between 1-3 mm long (around stubble length). Let it grow a bit or trim before starting. Do not pluck. If hair is too long or too short, the thermal signal will not be delivered properly.

  • Buff after each section.

We get a lot of calls from customers who complain about stubble, and it turns out they weren't buffing. We cannot emphasize enough how important buffing is. It removes the crystallized hair and exfoliates the skin to get a smooth, polished finish.

  • Use a Cream or Lotion

Use a lotion or cream like to rehydrate the skin and help remove the stubble.

  • For Coarse Hair (that means guys, too)

If your hair is thick or coarse hair, or it grows back quickly, you may need another option. For you, it may be best to lightly shave after a treatment, just to get rid of the stubble. DO NOT shave before a treatment. You may have to do this for the first few weeks, but soon – the need to shave will lessen and you will only need the buffer to get that polished look.

How do I prevent irritation and burns?

no!no! is designed for your safety. With proper usage, the thermal wire should never touch your skin.

In rare cases, improper gliding, over-treatment of one area, and stopping in one place may lead to excess irritation. These side-effects are mild, temporary and heal quickly. A little Aloe Vera cream or similar product will help sooth the irritation.

When do I replace the Thermicon Tips?

When you glide no!no!, the tip icon will appear and the status bars will show how much life is left in that Thermicon Tip. When there are no bars left, replace the tip. If the red light goes on, check the status of the tip, it may need replacing.

Why does the Treatment Level Change when I start to glide?

The Treatment Level icon () appears first then
automatically switches to the Tip Status icon () when you
begin to glide.
Check the icon to see what information is currently

Why doesn't the CD work?

The CD is for computer use only – It will not work on your DVD player. You will need a PDF viewer on your personal computer or laptop. You can also view the User Guide here or at www.my-no-no.com.

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