Step 1: no!no! Assembly

1. Remove the cover.
2. Install the Thermicon Tip.

Step 2: How to use no!no!

  • Press the on/off button found on the top of your no!no!
  • You might need to hold it down for a few seconds before it starts.
  • You can tell it is on if the Status Screen is showing.
    If the Status Screen does not appear, you need to charge your no!no!

Adjust the Treatment Level.

  • Press the button under the status screen to
    adjust your treatment level.
  • Always begin at the lowest treatment level and
    work your way up.

Important Note:
The Treatment Level icon appears first then automatically switches to the Tip Status icon when you begin to glide. Check the icon to see what information is currently displayed.


  • Glide no!no! over your skin at a 90ยบ angle with the roller flat
    against the skin and the status screen facing you.
  • Glide in one direction in one slow, smooth motion.
  • Glide upwards and towards your body, against the grain of
    hair growth.
  • Keep the blue light steady. If it flickers, adjust your speed.

* The red light will turn on if you are not gliding properly. Simply restart your no!no! and
let the blue light guide you.


  • For a smooth finish, hold the Buffer by the flaps and firmly
    rub in a circular or back-and-forth motion over the treated


  • Use a moisturizing lotion like no!no! Smooth After
    Treatment Cream after you no!no!

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