What is no!no! Skin

no!no! Skin is a handheld device using professionally proven LHE phototherapy technology to treat individual mild to moderate acne lesions. With no!no! Skin, you don't need creams, lotions or medications.

What does it do?

no!no! Skin sends gentle, pain-free pulses of Light and Heat Energy deep inside the pore to treat the acne causing bacteria at its source.

How many treatments does it take?

You need to treat each pimple no more than twice a session, twice a day until the blemish is healed.

Where can I use no!no! Skin?

You can use no!no! Skin on every body part.

How do I treat multiple blemishes?

Go over all the pimples at once, then repeat.

When should I use no!no! Skin?

You can use no!no! Skin can at the first sign of a pimple, before it surfaces. It works best on pimples in the early stages of development and accelerates the healing time of fully developed blemishes as well.

What do I do if it feels too hot?

Sometimes, people with sensitive skin may feel the heat more intensely than others. If this happens, simply remove it from your blemish and push the button. You can continue to treat your pimples, just remove it before it feels too hot.

Is no!no! Skin painless and safe?

no!no! Skin is painless, safe and has no side-effects when used as directed.

How does no!no! Skin compare with topical
or oral treatments?

no!no! Skin has none of the side-effects associated with topical or oral medications. The treatment also reaches deeper into the pore to destroy acne causing bacteria at their source.

Is no!no! Skin all I need to treat acne?

no!no! Skin does not replace good skin hygiene or a doctor's care. It is designed to treat individual acne blemishes as part of your total skin care regimen.

Can I use no!no! Skin combined with other
acne treatments method?

no!no! Skin can be used on its own or combined with other acne treatment methods.

What if my no!no! Skin does not emit a

Check the power indicator to make sure your no!no! skin has been fully charged. Recharge the unit if necessary.

I've charged my no!no! Skin, but the power
indicator remains at low and it won't emit a

Check the charger's power cord and plugs for damage. Try another outlet, the one you were using may not be working properly.

If your no!no! Skin is still not working,
contact our customer service for further

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