Step 1: no!no! PRO Assembly

1. Remove the cover.

2. Install the Thermicon™ Tip.

Step 2: How to use no!no! PRO
  • Press the On/Off button found on the top of no!no! PRO.
  • You might need to hold it down for a few seconds before it starts.
  • no!no! PRO is on when the Status Screen appears. If the Status Screen does not appear, you need to recharge your no!no! PRO.

*Important Note:

The Treatment Level icon appears first then automatically switches to the Tip Status icon when you begin to glide. Check the icon to see what information is currently displayed.

Adjust the Treatment Level
  • Press the button under the status screen to adjust your Treatment Level.
  • Always begin at the lowest Treatment Level and work your way up.
  • The no!no! PRO3 has 3 Treatment Levels.
  • The no!no! PRO5 has 5 Treatment Levels.
  • Choose the level that is right for you.
  • Glide no!no! PRO over your skin at a 90ยบ angle with the roller flat against the skin and the status screen facing you.
  • Glide in one direction and in one slow, smooth motion.
  • Glide upwards and towards your body, against the grain of hair growth.
  • Keep the blue light steady. If it flickers, adjust your speed.

*The red light will turn on if you are not gliding properly. If it remains on, restart the unit.


For a smooth finish, hold the Buffer by the flaps and firmly rub in a circular or back-and-forth motion over the treated area.


Use a moisturizing lotion like no!no! Smooth After Treatment Cream after you no!no!




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