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A Quick Introduction

Now that you've purchased your no!no!®, let's make sure you know how to use it properly! Follow these step-by-step instructions and you'll be on your way to #nonosmooth skin.

But first, it's important to remember that no!no!® is a treatment and results are not always immediate. Stay consistent with treatment, using no!no!® 2-3 times a week for the first few weeks. Over time, you will notice a reduction in regrowth and the hair that does come back will be thinner and finer.

Get Started.

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1. Before Your First Treatment


         CHARGE the device for at least 5 hours.

  • Insert the charger into the device at the charger connection and plug the charger into a wall socket or outlet.

  • Place the device on a hard surface at room temperature

  • The Battery Icon will show three full bars when the device is fully charged.

  • Unplug the charger from the wall and the device once charging is complete.



  • Cleanse the treatment area thoroughly, removing all lotions, oils, gels or creams before use.

  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry.

2. Select Your Thermicon® Tip

NoNo_0142-Adobe RGB.jpg

Wide Tip

Use this to treat large areas like the arms, legs, chest and back.

Narrow Tip

Use this for small sensitive areas like the face, neck, underarms and bikini line.

NoNo_0144-Adobe RGB.jpg
NoNo_0060-Adobe RGB.jpg

3. Handling Your Thermicon® Tip

INSERTING the Thermicon® Tip

  • Make sure the device is turned off.

  • Hold no!no!® in one hand and the Tip in the other.

  • Make sure the no!no! logo on the Tip is facing in the same direction as the no!no! logo on the device.

  • Line up the posts in the socket (Tip Socket Posts, see page 5) with the holes in the Thermicon®   Tip.

  • Gently push into place.

REMOVING the Thermicon® Tip

  • Grasp the Tip by both sides.

  • Gently pull the Tip out of the socket.


When to REPLACE the Thermicon® Tip

  • If the inductor light turns red. See the section on Troubleshooting for more details.

  • If Thermicon® Tip is no longer working efficiently.

  • If the wire is damaged in any way.

  • If the Thermicon® Tip Icon is blinking and no bars appear on the Status Screen.

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4. Turn no!no!® On

  • Press the On/Off Button down until the Status Screen lights up.

NoNo_0049-Adobe RGB.jpg
NoNo_0045-Adobe RGB.jpg

5. Adjust Treatment Level

There are 3 Treatment Levels to customize the treatment for individual comfort.



Default Treatment Level

The default Treatment Level is Low. When you turn the device on again, it will display the Treatment Level last used.

Changing the Treatment Level

Select the level by pressing the button under the Status Screen until the desired Treatment Level appears.


6. Get Comfortable with Your no!no!®

  • Test a small section of your skin with the Low Treatment Level when starting to treat a new area for the first time.

  • Adjust the level after that, and if you can tolerate it, raise the Treatment Level to the highest level for optimal results.

Important Notes about Treatment Levels

  • Should any discomfort appear at any time STOP immediately, lower the Treatment Level and try again or move to a new area.

  • When treating facial hair, please see the Treating Facial Hair section.

7. Perfect Your no!no!® Glide

no!no! glide
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Glide no!no!® at approximately a 90˚ angle with the Roller flat against your skin and the Status Screen facing in the direction you are treating.

6. Achieving the Perfect Glide

NoNo_0089-Adobe RGB.jpg

What Do the Colored Lights Mean?


The White or Blue Light under the Thermicon® Tip will guide you throughout your treatment. It is visible only when you are gliding no!no!® at the proper speed.

The Red Light appears only when the Thermicon® Tip is improperly installed, damaged or depleted or if the device needs to be charged.


8. Buff After Every Treatment

Buffing exfoliates, removes treated hair and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Without buffing, treated hair remains on the skin leaving a prickly feeling.

Using the Buffer

  • Firmly rub the Buffer in a circular and/or back and forth motion over the treated area.

When to Replace the Buffer

  • When the pad feels smooth.

  • When it is no longer buffing effectively.

For tips on treating specific areas, click link below.

9. Taking Care of

   Your no!no!®


NOTE: Do not use any liquid to clean the device, Thermicon® Tips or Rollers.

Keep the Thermicon® Tips and Rollers clean to lower the risk of malfunction and prolong the life of the Tips.

  1. Turn off your no!no!®.

  2. Remove the Thermicon® Tip.

  3. Gently brush the inside of the Tips clean.

  4. Brush debris out and away from the socket and roller.

**If any hair or debris falls into the socket, this may cause no!no!® to malfunction. Brush any particles out of the socket before beginning a treatment.

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